Family is the glass ball in the juggling act of life.


If there is one skill in life that I am constantly trying to hone and prioritise, then it is that of, ironically, prioritising.

It seems that if you want to be successful in just about anything, even a weekly food shop, then you simply have to prioritise, and sometimes the thing that must take top priority is yourself and your own equilibrium.

If we do not prioritise then we simply become bogged down by the minutiae of life and never see the woods for the proverbial. If you are an adult who is running a home, with bills and a job, and perhaps children and their schooling, plus extra-curricular events, then you absolutely cannot survive unless you learn to prioritise. And not sweat the small stuff.

Life is an intricate juggling game, and in a century where we are all working our socks off, and we are all contactable twenty-four seven, it is hard to switch off and spend some time cosseting ourselves and our families. And here’s the lesson we often forget; life is a juggling act, but family is the only ball that’s made of glass.

Family and ourselves are the balls that we cannot afford to drop. The only certainty in life is that one day, we shall cease to be, and when that day comes, few of us will wish we’d spent longer replying to emails that could wait until morning, and less time cuddling our kids, or actually replying to them instead of saying “I’m busy, what now?”

When we are first born into the world, we are the priority. We spend our formative years being answered to, fussed over, watched for almost every second of our infant existence for one reason; survival. Our parents love us and their every instinct is to keep us alive until we can keep ourselves alive.

Once that occurs, and we can be more or less trusted to learn the rest by trying and testing, we often start to slip off our own radars, especially once we begin careers or families. This week, try to make ‘you’ your number one.


Brexit: 8 days on.

By the time this reaches print, the Brexit decision will be 8 days old. Still in its newborn phase, and most likely still a point of serious contention.

I found it interesting that, on social media, within an hour of the announcement, many leave voters were wishing that the remainers would ‘shut up’. Odd, given that this is a momentous move on the part of the UK. Why on earth would people not discuss it?

This intolerance of listening to, or allowing, expressions of opinion, seems to be a key feature in some of the leavers. Horribly reminiscent of an early twentieth century leader whose intolerant world-views have been the basis of lessons we appear to have forgotten since.


Kanye West: he of the mega ego, and always a favourite contender for Wally of the Week.

Kanye has posted a new video online to accompany his song, Famous. In it, we see West lying in bed, nude bar a sheet for his modesty, with his wife draped to one side.

Remarkably, given the fact that Kim’s bottom is therefore also present, Kanye still found enough room to squeeze 10 other celebrities into the bed with them. Said celebrities are presumed to be courtesy of either CGI or wax. So about as useful as they are real life.

One of the wax/CGI works is Taylor Swift, and she, as with all of the ladies, is starkers with her boobs out (of course, because how else would women be portrayed?), whilst the menfolk have their bits and bobs covered up.

I am looking forward therefore to see what Swift’s retaliation will be. Fingers crossed that for once it’s not a song. If she has an ounce of nous it will be a very tiny, teeny, weeny, depiction of… ‘little’ Kanye.

First published in The Portsmouth News, Saturday 2nd July 2016


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