Bowie, Loose Ends, and Liberating Yourself


A week or so ago, my husband and I were discussing David Bowie. This was prior to his death, and linked to his 69th birthday, his new album release, and because we are fans of the film, The Prestige.


Bowie starred in The Prestige and played the role of Nikola Tesla. There was something magnetic about Bowie on-screen, whether acting or singing, and his passing seems, in some ways, like the death of an era. An era that spawned more ground-breaking, maverick and iconic legends than any since. Justin Beiber may have tried to microscopically up his game recently, but there-in lies the problem; it’s just a game. He is no legend.


The fact that Bowie died within 48 hours after his 69th birthday, which was also the chosen release date for what will be his final album, seems all the more poignant. And leads me to believe that sometimes, the human spirit manages to battle against, and control, whatever is trying to kill the body. Often in life, we hear of someone passing away at what seems like a ‘perfect’ moment. It is unthinkable as humans that there is such a thing, and that this is not an oxymoron, but seeing as death is inevitable, and it simply must happen, surely some moments are preferable to others?


It also suggests that where loose ends exist in life, humans fail to flourish. And where loose ends have been tied and cut, we automatically feel more at rest and soothed in spirit. Perhaps, therefore, this is something that we should try and carry forwards in our as much of our lives as we are able.


Perhaps you are sat reading this now, and you know that there is something you’ve been meaning to say to somebody, some message to pass on. This could be something that will cause happiness, or something that will make somebody laugh, or make their life easier. It may be something you’ve been meaning to say or do for a long time, but simply haven’t gotten around to.


Alternatively, it could be something that is difficult to do and that you’ve subsequently been avoiding, but that, once done, you will feel all the better for. Acts like this can be cathartic and, once the initial difficulty is faced, leave us feeling a large load lighter.


On this note, I’d like to say a thank you to a reader of my column, Debbie, who sent me an incredibly thoughtful card recently. It arrived in light of my New Year column and, because it was just before my birthday, I assumed it was a birthday card and saved it until then – which only served to make it even more special, and to contribute to a day that was already perfect. Thank you – you know who you are.


First published in The Portsmouth News, Tuesday 19th January 2016

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