Pug Life



I am pleased to announce that the Lush family has a new addition. (And not, for the avoidance of doubt, anything that necessitates a 9-month gestation period inside of self.)

Ethel the Pug is 11 weeks old, and has stolen the hearts of all whom she has deigned to grace with a slurp of her rough little tongue. Even my mother, and that’s saying something. In fact, such is the extent of my mother’s love for Ethel, that she phoned me to ask if she could pop in to visit her. Not me, my husband, or her grandchildren you understand, but the dog.

This is a woman who, when camping, put cotton wool in her ears incase anything crawled in them whilst she slept. (She didn’t camp again.) My mother even chooses to spend precious minutes of her life ironing sheets, and would sooner eat her own toenails that get licked by a dog. Ethel therefore is quite the exception.

She is our second dog, for we already have Dolly the Shih Tzu. Fortunately, the pair of them are getting along very well indeed, and Dolly is enjoying the company of another canine. Even if that canine does occasionally hold onto Dolly’s tail, with her teeth, in order to get pulled along the floor at speed. It must be the doggy equivalent of a ride at Alton Towers.

Such is my adoration of the new addition, I have even set Ethel up on Instagram as @Ethel_Pug, where, should you so wish (I am not biased), you can see her adventures, along with her 530 (!) other followers.

It was my husband who, after much careful thought, bit the proverbial bullet and decided that we should get another dog. Part of his plan was to distract me a little from the heartache of losing my Grandad, and I have to admit that it has, to an extent, worked.

As has the kindness of strangers – only last week, a lovely lady, Debbie, sent me a card. She had read the column I had written about grief and the death of my grandfather, and she had wanted to offer comfort. Debbie had written the card over a month ago, and it was only a chance meeting, and her hearing my name in regards to a community meeting we had both attended, that led to her being able to pass it on to me.

Little kindnesses such as this make the world spin round, and I’d like to thank her for her thought and care. The past couple of months have, at times, been drenched in pain, and it is wonderful to know that sometimes, reading this column helps other people. Just as writing it often helps me.

An older column for all those dog lovers among you. Enjoy! 🙂 https://lushnessblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/be-more-dog/


2 thoughts on “Pug Life

  1. I’m happy for you that this addition to your family had helped you in this difficult time. And envious – I would so love to have a dog…but serious allergies in two family members and an unexplainable fear of dogs in another makes it impossible. It’s one of the Tragedies of My Adult Life.

    • Aaw, bless you! She’s been a good distraction, something happier to try and focus on. I used to be a cat person (we have two of those as well), but I have been swayed to the Dog Side!

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