It’s all about the little things.


Image courtesy of Bob Ewing Image courtesy of Bob Ewing

(From September 2012 – a reblog)

My husband has been home from the hospital for 48 hours. Two whole days. Therefore it must be true, and I can begin to believe it. I hope. And boy, have we learnt a thing or two about hope in the last few weeks.

Since his return, which was accompanied by tablets and appointments with various departments and specialists (not to mention emotional trauma and a true testing of nerves), we have managed a 15 minute sit on the beach, and a 20 minute walk to the local shop and back. Both of these pursuits exhausted my poor man, and the beach expedition resulted in a 3 hour session of deepest shut-eye just to recover from the exertion.

It was also, however, utter bliss. We lay on the stones, listening to the sea echo around us on a near…

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