New Year: Trying to Press Pause on Time and Savour the Moments.

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Another new year is about to dawn. Am I the only one who still feels like it was yesterday when they were lighting their candle before midnight on 31st December 1999? When I think that this year will be 2015, it simply astounds me, and I don’t say that lightly. 20-15. How?

To me, even the Spice Girls seem like a relatively recent band, and when I realised that the GCSE students I am teaching were not yet born when Princess Diana died, I nearly fell off of my chair.

The passage of time seems to speed up tenfold once you have children yourself. You spend so much time wishing it away when you are a whippersnapper, and then so much more trying to wrestle it into slowing down once you are an adult.

Each time New Year reappears on the winter horizon, I look at my babies, who are babies no longer, and wish that I could just press pause, to stop once in a while, and look at them. Stare at my little girls and simply drink them in, during any given moment. Instead, we seem to spend all of our time rushing around, from one place to the next, never really taking time to pause.

Therefore, my resolution for 2015, is to just take time. Be it during a busy day, or perhaps last thing at night, I want to simply stop and look at my daughters and my family. Whether it is whilst Amelie runs from her classroom door to throw herself into my arms at the end of the school day, or whilst India lies sleeping, her smooth cheek flushed with dreams against her pillow, I will take time.

If I do not do this as much as possible, then I fear that life will pass me by, even whilst I am living it to a full and hectic capacity. I want to take the time to make memories – real memories – like flash bulbs bursting in my head during both the special moments and the seemingly mundane.

As I sit writing at the moment, my little family is next to me, the three of them snuggled under a blanket watching Christmas movies on the TV and cocooned in the safety of the moment. It will not always be this way, and I intend to commit the happiness to memory for as long as nature allows.

How much of your life do you step back from? How often during the working day or the rushing weekend, do you stop, pause, think, and commit life to memory? If you are at all like me, then probably not nearly enough.

This New Year, I hope that you manage to truly savour all that you have, and I shall endeavor to do the same.


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