Extended Families…

Grandad Lush, far right, next to my grandmother, Rose Ivy Lush


First published in The Portsmouth News, Tuesday 13th May 2014


Grandad Lush: the man, the legend. I have written about my 90 year old Grandad before, and such is his legendary status that several people contacted me wishing to get back in touch with him.

However, as I sit and type this today, Grandad Lush remains in a condition of some poorliness up at QA. He has had several admissions recently but last Friday he took it upon himself to scare us all silly and was rushed back in. The seriousness of his condition became apparent when we were guided to the Relatives’ Room, and my husband and mother rushed to be by my side. Had Grandad Lush been a religious man, this was Last Rites time.

However, although Grandad Lush might not be religious, he is hardcore. During the early hours of Saturday morning he finally stirred, and upon being told the day and time, he responded appropriately.

And what did he say, I hear you ask, following such trauma? Well, I am pleased to announce, for the sake of posterity, that Grandad Lush’s first words upon hearing that it was Saturday, were as follows:

“Oooh! Racing!”

Thus it became apparent that Grandad was not ready to admit defeat just yet.

These events happened to coincide with the shocking BBC documentary on the ‘care’ of the elderly. My Grandad is lucky: he has a lovely partner, Mary, and a wonderful extended family. During all of his times in hospital, they have been there, offering unstinting support and love.

His nieces and nephews came to visit him and others sent me messages of kindness and care. I am more appreciative of these than they’ll ever know, but I cannot help but think of those people who do not have the backing of their families, who are alone when they are at their most vulnerable. Who keeps an eye out for them? Who pushes for the medical or pastoral care they need?

It is upon this note that I would like to send a fountain of thanks and appreciation to the people who have offered such support this past week. So, to my darling Ashley, my mum and Peter, the lovely Mary, Kim and Lois, Darren and Leanne, Maxi, Auntie Anne, Jim and Carol. To my friends, Jodi, Leanne, Al, Emma, and everybody who sent messages of love.

And most important of all, a special message to Grandad Lush: I love you, Grandad x






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