Bloggety Blog…

My first blog… After an initial fiddle about with blogspot I have decided instead to dally with wordpress. So, a short cyber scribble for today:

  • Summer hols lovely thus far (where have they gone??), Olympics fabulous
  • Husband poorly. Has catheter til next week. Grisly. (He’ll thank me for posting that online.)
  • Eldest daughter away with Grandma. Same eldest daughter who told Nanny yesterday that ‘Daddy said your house is a pigsty’. YIKES a.) He didn’t, b.) It isn’t, c.) Mortifying
  • Blissful Brighton day last weekend for Mum’s birthday. Excellent shoppingness. Recommend The Blackbird Tearooms and the sea-salted caramel ice cream from Boho Gelato
  • Vastly tempted to have all hair chopped off a la Dannii Minogue and dyed auburn. (Another thing husband won’t thank me for, heh heh)

So, first blog done. Not vastly interesting, but most definitely experimental. One shall endeavour to improve!Image


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